Pad2Pad Interactive Software Guide:

Pad2Pad is a powerful CAD software that allows you to design, analyze, price, order and manufacture PCB’s online with greater convenience than ever before. Our software guide will teach you:
  • To create and order circuit boards
  • The software features in depth
  • Useful tips about designing a PCB
To navigate our help system, click on any of the below headings or use the question mark icon on the upper right side of the page.

Quick Start

The abridged version of our software guide; learn each step from creating your design file to placing your PCB order in Pad2Pad CAD.

Viewing, Scrolling, Zooming & Layers

Also includes view manager, status bar, object properties and board statistics.

File Management

Learn how to manage your design file. Includes file creation, saving, printing and exiting Pad2Pad.

Customizing & Design Tips

Essential option customizations and best practices for PCB layout & design.


Editing board shape and layers, undo/redo.

Object Manipulation

Learn to manipulate your layout including moving, rotating, reshaping, deleting, grouping, aligning and more.

Vias & Pads

What are pads and vias?


Placing footprints and creating custom footprints.

Traces and PCB Auto-router

Drawing traces and using the built-in PCB auto-router.


Circles, arcs, polygons, rectangles, text and ground planes.


All about nets; logical connections tool, editing nets dialog, netlist import and creating nets from traces.

Slots & Edge Connectors

PTH slots and using the edge connector.

Assembly & BOM

Selecting specific components and parts procurement method for assembly.


Everything about our software-based ordering; settings, pricing, how to order, manufacturing time, reducing costs and more!


For software and functionality related issues, reference this page.

PCB Pre-Ordering Checklist

Before ordering your boards, please review the PCB manufacturing checklist.