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PCB Assembly Services

Don’t complicate things by using multiple vendors to get finished boards. Pad2Pad will manufacture and assemble PCB’s for you or your business.

Design, price and order your PCB’s using our free PCB design software or get an instant quote and upload your gerber file(s) to place your order.

  • Quick turns.
  • FREE Shipping in the USA.
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed.
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Features Our Capabilities
Order Volume 1 PCB to 100,000+
Assembly Techniques All assembly is done in the USA using hand or wave soldering or automated pick and place machines depending on the design specifications and quantity.
Turn times Typically 5-18 business days depending on project.
Dimensions No minimum. The maximum is 19.68″ X 25.60″.
Materials FR-4 Fiberglass, Aluminum, Ceramic, Rogers and more. Rigid, rigid-flex, and flex boards are available.
Components Procurement Partial turnkey and consigned. We work with well-known component suppliers like Digikey, Mouser, and Newark. You can also supply your own components and drop ship them to us.
Pad2Pad Components Download our free circuit design software to view a library of in-stock circuit board components. We stock common resistors, capacitors, sockets, voltage regulators, connectors, ICs, potentiometers, switches, transistors, etc.
PCB Stencils We offer stainless steel stencils, framed stencils, and unframed stencils.
Soldering Lead or ROHS-compliant.

PCB Assembly Pre-Order Checklist
If you are using Pad2Pad CAD, select Job > Parts List and check that each component includes a description, vendor, and vendor part number.
Check that each component complies with Pad2Pad’s assembly capabilities listed above. Only complying components will be assembled.
Ensure that copper footprints for SMT devices are longer than leads to allow inspection of the solder joint.
If you are supplying components to Pad2Pad, supply an overage of components. Mark each component set with the appropriate designator (R1, U1, etc.)
Advise us of any components that require non-standard soldering or assembly methods.
Ship components to 31 Industrial Ave, Unit 6, Mahwah, NJ 07430
If you are using Pad2Pad CAD to design your PCBs, view the full PCB fabrication pre-order checklist here.

It is also recommended to check that:

  1. Edge gaps between copper and board edge are at least:
    • .020″ for V-scoring
    • .060″ for tab-routing
    • .010″ for individual routing.
  2. For four layer boards in Pad2Pad CAD:
    • Select View > Layers and check “1st inner” or “2nd inner” to open the four-layer view, showing the inner layers. Check to ensure the ground/power planes are accurately routed.
    • Correct any errors by selecting Nets > Net Edits and use the nets tool to change the routing of the inner layers.

Once you have thoroughly checked your design, you are now ready to order!

Upon receiving your boards it is strongly recommended to:

  • Test or at least visually inspect the bare boards (four layer boards must be electrically tested).
  • Assemble and test one board before assembling all boards.
  • Test a board alone prior to placing the board into a system.
Please note that we do not support assembly of components where: Leads are not exposed on sides, footprints do not extend beyond leads, two-pin devices are smaller than 0402, ICs and connectors have pitch less than 1 mm, or devices have solder joints that cannot be visually inspected.