Pad2Pad Reviews


Pad2Pad isn’t your average circuit board company. Customers praise our comprehensive offering of PCB services:

“I received this order yesterday and feel compelled to inform you I was impressed, quite impressed, which doesn’t happen to me often these days.  The quality is excellent.  I am very pleased.  Your “ongoing effort towards zero defects” is working.”
Kerry Mills

“Just received my boards  and as usual – they are flawless perfection.”
George Leatherman

“I am using pad2pad. The emails I have received tell me that you folks care about your customers. You guys are the only ones I have found so far that still have a decent library of through hole components. Keep them and I’ll stick with you. I am also a returning customer as well as many of the power supply boards I had built some time ago using your boards are still alive and doing quite well. Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to receiving my order soon.”
David Ross

I got my PCB order yesterday. I just assembled two boards and everything fit and worked perfectly. I’m an amateur at PCB designing but your software made it easy and fun. Great software and product. I’ll be back!
Allen Howell

I have been trying out different pcb software all day. I finally found yours and I just had to take the time to tell you, Thank You! I am in the early stages of developing some home automation devices and when I was ready to make a test pcb, I was discouraged big time. Also, please thank the programmers for writing such great code.
Frank S

Your company is the BEST ! ! ! Just got my most recent order… Great Quality… Thank you.”
Greg Register

“I thought I’d just send you a note to say “Thank You” for the wonderful service you offer. I’m a first time user not only of your software but in the design and build of a PCB layout and solution. The application is just brilliant, very intuitive and easy to learn and the final product is exactly what you see on the screen. Your service enabled me to produce a one off solution to a complex problem at low cost in a very professional manner. Thank You!”
James Pryor

“Very impressed with the CAD ease of use, excellent communication, and high quality product. Thanks!”
Marc Marcus

“Very intuitive and well thought out application. Thanks!”
Mike Morris

Great software, with great error spotting! … looking forward to my prototypes.”
Lasse Bech

I have ordered over 6000 units, which have all worked without flaw. They are delivered timely and your support has been superb! I appreciate the work you do.”
Pad2Pad user

“Got the circuit boards this morning. They look great.”
Neil Barrett

“Simple to use and very intuitive.”
Pad2Pad User

“Perfectly done, even had a hole on the board milled that you didn’t even know i needed milled! perfect, couldn’t have asked for better boards at a better price anywhere! Thanks again.”
Pad2Pad User

“I find your software / assembly process outstanding. Two things excited me about Pad2Pad. 1) Full silkscreen / soldermask boards in low volume without large setup charges. 2) Direct placement of components.”
Chuck Hellebuyck

“Just thought I’d let you know that my PCB’s arrived all the way “down under” in PerthWestern Australia. I’m really pleased and impressed with the quality of product. I assembled the first board and it worked first time! I will be making a larger order later after I’ve tested my prototypes. Thanks for a great service.”
Pad2Pad User

Your tips are great and we highly appreciate your understanding as we are very new to ordering and designing PCBs.”
Soft & Wireless Technical Department

“Dear Pad2Pad Team, I just got my order. I have to say WOW! The boards look great. Don’t know about the function yet but they look awesome! I would like to that the whole team for all their efforts and support. I greatly appreciate the expidited over-night shipment as well.”
Pad2Pad user