Pad2Pad is your one-stop supplier for design, fabrication and assembly of custom printed circuit boards.

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    FREE PCB Layout Software

    Design single or multi-layered boards with our FREE PCB software. You can route your boards manually or with the auto-router, verify your design functionality, and even price and order your PCB’s directly!

    Custom PCB Fabrication

    We manufacture prototype and production run PCB’s for business or personal use. Our extensive range of build options gives you endless possibilities for creating the perfect custom PCB.

    PTH and SMT PCB Assembly

    Pad2Pad offers full turnkey, partial turnkey and consigned assembly. We use both hand soldering and pick-and-place machines to assemble your PCB’s with thru-hole and/or SMT components.

    Design & Layout Services

    Don’t have the time or expertise to design a PCB from scratch? Pad2Pad's circuit board layout experts design professional-grade PCB's. All we need is a schematic or Gerber file to get started. 

    Pad2Pad FREE PCB Design Software

    Use our powerful software to design custom PCB’s for FREE! Enjoy advanced features like:

    • Built-in Pricing and Ordering
    • PCB Autorouter
    • BOM (Bill of Materials) integration with Digi-Key
    • OrCAD Netlist Import
    • Import/Export mechanical DXF
    • Customizable board and cutout shapes 
    • Design rules checking

    Your Custom PCB Manufacturer

    Pad2Pad is a fully equipped, USA-based printed circuit board manufacturer specializing in low-volume and production runs of PCB’s. Whether you need thousands of fully assembled boards or just a prototype for personal use, Pad2Pad will deliver high-quality custom circuit boards. We offer both conventional and ROHS compliant PCB manufacturing, can work with PTH and SMT components, and have numerous board material types and thicknesses. Review some of our manufacturing capabilities and assembly options below:

    Want a more detailed look at our fabrication or assembly capabilities?

    Our Clients

    We serve businesses from a variety of industries like aerospace, technology, medical and more. We’ve proudly supplied PCBs to:


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