PCB Manufacturing Checklist

Before placing your order, consider:

  • All connections in your schematic are present.
  • Inappropriate connections are not made including short-circuits.
  • Review the Edit Nets Dialog.
  • On the silkscreen layer check that:
    • Component orientation markings are clear and match markings on devices.
    • Diode cathodes are on the pad next to the silk screen dot or line.
    • DIP IC pin 1 is near the silk screen semi-circle.
    • Quad IC pin 1 is near the silk screen beveled corner.
  • Resolve Job | Analyze errors.
  • Review Job | Settings.
  • Review all fields of Job | Parts List.
  • View each layer separately and all together.
  • Copper footprints are sized right for components.
  • For integrated heat sinks check unmask layer.
  • Export your layout to DXF to verify alignment if you plan to make a custom enclosure at eMachineShop.

If you are having Pad2Pad assemble your boards:

  • Check that each component complies with Pad2Pad assembly capabilities – only complying components will be assembled.
  • Copper footprints for SMT devices are longer than leads to allow inspection of solder joint. (If not, you may be contacted for additional assembly costs at commencement of assembly.)
  • If you choose to supply components to Pad2Pad: please supply overage per the table below; and mark each set of components with the appropriate designator (R1, U1, etc.)
  • You must advise us of any components that require non-standard soldering temperatures or durations. Soldering methods may include hand soldering with a soldering iron or automated assembly with solder paste and a reflow oven.
  • You must advise us if you require accurate alignment tighter than 0.025″. Additional fees may apply.
  • The address to ship components to is 31 Industrial Ave, Mahwah, NJ 07430

It is also recommended to check:

  • Edge gaps between copper and board edge are at least:
    • .020″ for V-scoring
    • .060″ for tab-routing
    • .010″ for Individual routing.
  • Four layer boards – select View | Layers. Then set checkmark next to “1st inner” and “2nd inner” to open a four-layer view and see the inner layers.  Use the Window menu to select the original view or just close the layers dialog.

Once you have thoroughly checked your design, you are ready for ordering. Upon receiving your boards it is strongly recommended to:

  • Test or at least visually inspect the bare boards (four layer boards must be electrically tested).
  • Assemble and test one board before assembling all boards.
  • Test a board alone prior to placing the board into a system.
Please note that we do not support assembly of: components where leads are not exposed on sides; footprints not extending beyond leads; two-pin devices smaller than 0402, ICs and connectors with pitch less than 1 mm and any devices where solder joints cannot be visually inspected.