PCB Assembly FAQ


Q: How long has Pad2Pad provided PCBA services?
A: Pad2Pad has offered PCBA since 2008.
Q: How do I get an instant quote for PCBA?
A: Easy, just download our PCB software to receive an assembly quote in seconds.
Q: Which PCBA techniques does Pad2Pad use?
A: We hand solder and have pick-and-place machines to assemble your PCB’s. Both SMT and thru-hole mounting are used to produce single-sided, double-sided or multi-layer finished boards up to 32 layers.
Q: Does Pad2Pad offer assembly on boards fabricated by another company?
A: Unfortunately, we do not. To maintain our quality standards, we only assemble PCB’s that we fabricate.
Q: Do you offer ROHS-compliant, lead-free assembly?
A: Absolutely. We can assemble using a lead-free, ROHS-compliant process.
Q: How do I send you my circuit board components if I am supplying some or all of the components for my board?
  1. Place your assembly order.
  2. Drop ship your components to: Pad2Pad – Assembly Division 31 Industrial Ave, Suite 6 Ref # <insert Pad2Pad order number> Mahwah, NJ 07430
Q: What is the maximum thickness of components I can use and are there any banned components?
A: There is no limit on the thickness of components we can assemble, however, we do not work with BGA’s. Please contact us if using leadless components.
Q: Can you assemble ‘this’ component?
A: If you are unsure about our assembly compatibility with a particular component, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
Q: What if I have to cancel my order?
A: If you cancel your order within one day of placement, we are generally able to refund your order in full. Once assembly has started or components have been ordered, we are unable to cancel an order without billing for incurred costs.
Q: What if I receive defective boards?
A: If we can rework defective boards, we will do so for free. If not, we will completely remake or reassemble your boards at no extra charge.
Q: How does Pad2Pad ship and how are turnaround times determined?
A: We ship from our Mahwah, New Jersey facility and use UPS unless instructed otherwise. Turnaround times vary depending on quantity, the complexity of your boards, and the necessary PCB assembly processes needed. You can determine all of this within our PCB software. You can also track the status of your orders on our website. Assembly orders vary greatly from one to the next. Please inquire about assembly time of your specific order.
Have a question about fabrication? Need help with anything else? Contact us at any time!