PCB Fabrication Services

PCB Fabrication Services

Pad2Pad is a PCB manufacturer for hobbyists, engineers, students and businesses. For over a decade, we’ve fabricated everything from one-off test boards for side projects to fully assembled PCB’s used in volume industrial applications. We offer FREE Shipping to the contiguous United States.

  • Quick Turn Basic PCB’s: The best choice if you need fast shipping. Ideal for design testing, rapid market entry, and short deadlines.

  • Low-Cost Batched PCB’s: Excellent for saving money on a small order of standard feature circuit boards.

  • Production PCB’s: Ideal for volume runs of full-feature boards. Build rigid, flex, or rigid-flex PCB’s out of numerous materials and up to 32 layers.

  • Special Order: If your board requires features that exceed our standard production or delivery options, contact us for a custom circuit board quote.


pcbAdobeStock 56953712 smallAdobeStock 117015992 smallfab capabilities special order
FeatureQuick Turn Basic PCB's  Low-Cost Batched PCB'sProduction PCB's
Number of Layers 2 2 Up to 32
Order Quantity 1-10 No Limit No Limit
Board Type Rigid


Board Shape Any (rectangular, round, slots, cutouts, complex, custom Any (rectangular, round, slots, cutouts, complex, custom Any (rectangular, round, slots, cutouts, complex, custom
Board Material FR1 epoxy glass FR4 epoxy glass

FR4 and FR1
Rogers 4003

Rogers 4350

Aluminum core
CEM1 and CEM3
TG 160, 160, 170 and 260

Board Cutting Routing V-score, tab-routed V-score, tab-routed
Board Thickness .062" 0.62" .24"
Copper Weight 1.0 oz 1.0 oz Up to 15 oz
Solder Mask N/A 2 sides 0, 1 or 2 sides
Solder Mask Color N/A Green Green, red, yellow, blue, black, purple, coffee, translucent
Silkscreen N/A Top side only Any side or NO silk screen
Silkscreen Color N/A White White, yellow, black
Silkscreen Minimum Line Width N/A .006 in .004 in
Maximum Board Dimensions 4" x 5"

5" x 7"

*Total area up to 105 sq inches

19.68" x 25.60"
Minimum Trace .01" .006" .003"
Minimum Gap .01" .006" .003"
Drill Sizes Any Any Any
Minimum Drill Hole Diameter .032"  .010" .006"
Plating Options Tin HASL HASL, gold, silver
Surface Finish N/A HASL HASL, Hard Gold, Silver Immersion, ENIG
Board Thickness Tolerance N/A ±10% ±10%
Board Outline Tolerance ± .003" ± .005" ± .005"
Internal Cutouts Tolerance N/A N/A ± .005"
Copper Weight Tolerance N/A ±10% oz ±10% oz
Minimal Slot Width N/A .02" for plated thru-hole (PTH)
.03" for non PTH
.02" for plated thru-hole (PTH)
.03" for non PTH
V-score Depth N/A Single board only 33.3% of board thickness
Minimum Annular Ring .016" .006" .006""
Plated Through Holes No Yes Yes
Supported Formats Gerber X2
Gerber RS-274X
Gerber X2
Gerber RS-274X
Gerber X2
Gerber RS-274X
Turn-Around Time Ship next business day 7-18 days 5-13 days
Electrical Testing N/A Flying probe Fixture
  Quick Turn PCB's Low-Cost Batched PCB’s Production PCB’s

Submit your Gerber file for a quote or download our FREE PCB layout software to start designing your boards in minutes.

Looking for assembly too? See our PCBA capabilities.


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