Low-Cost Batched PCB’s

Low-Cost Batched PCB’s

Pad2Pad makes it easy for you to get a small quantity of full-feature circuit boards without paying production prices.

By processing multiple short-run jobs simultaneously, we’re able to offer batched PCB’s economically. Use this low-cost PCB fabrication service to build rigid, 2-layer boards up to 5 x 7” with HASL plating, top side silkscreens, and solder masks.

Stick to your budget and get the high-quality, electrically-tested PCB’s you need by getting your quote today!

Feature Batch PCB’s
Number of Layers 2
Order Quantity No limit
Board Type Rigid
Board Shape Any (rectangular, round, slots, cutouts, complex, custom)
Board Material FR4 epoxy glass
Board Cutting Tab-routed
Board Thickness .062″
Copper Weight 1.0 oz
Solder Mask 2 sides
Solder Mask Color Green
Silkscreen Top side only
Silkscreen Color White
Silkscreen Minimum Line Width .006 in
Maximum Board Dimensions 5″ x 7″

*Total area up to 105 sq in

Minimum Trace 0.006″
Minimum Gap 0.006″
Drill Sizes Any
Minimum Drill Hole Diameter .010″
Plating Options HASL
Surface Finish HASL
Board Thickness Tolerance ±10%
Board Outline and Internal Cutouts Tolerance ± 0.005″
Copper Weight Tolerance ±10% oz
Minimal Slot Width .02 in for plated thru-hole (PTH)
0.03 in for non PTH
V-score Depth 33.3% of board thickness
Minimum Annular Ring .006″
Plated Through Holes Yes
Supported Formats Gerber X2
Gerber RS-274X
Turn-around Time 7-18 days
Electrical Testing Flying probe
What are Batched PCB’s?

PCB Batching is a production technique where boards from different orders are pooled together onto one panel. The boards are fabricated only after the panel is full. Because the setup cost is distributed among all customers in the pool, batched PCB’s are lower-cost than if the same order was manufactured as a single job. Batching is popular for budget-sensitive, low volume circuit board projects.