PCB Assembly Services

PCBA Capabilities

Don’t complicate things by using multiple vendors to get finished boards. Pad2Pad will manufacture and assemble PCB's for you or your business! We even offer FREE Shipping to the contiguous United States.

See our PCB assembly services below:

Order Volume 1 PCB to 100,000+
Assembly Techniques Surface Mount Technology (SMT)
Through-hole soldering
Mixed (SMT and through-hole soldering)
Single or multi-layer boards (up to 32 layers)
Options PCB Prototype Assembly
Hand Soldering (Low-Volume)
Pick-and-Place (High-Volume)
Turn-around Time Typically 6-18 business days depending on project
Ask about our 4-day quick-turn PCB service!
Board Materials / Dimensions No minimum - 19.68" x 25.60"
Fiberglass, Aluminum, Ceramic, or Rogers
Small boards are usually panelized
Board Shape / Type ANY shape boards and cutouts!
Rigid, rigid-flex, and flex PC boards
Acquiring Parts Full Turnkey 
Partial Turnkey 

We work with well-known component suppliers like Digikey, Mouser, and Newark.
Our Components Download our free circuit design software to view the library of in-stock circuit board components.
PCB Stencils

We offer laser-cut solder stencils for low and high-volume orders.

Stainless Steel Stencils

  • Framed stencils
  • Unframed Stencils
Soldering Method Lead or ROHS-compliant 

Circuit Board Assembly Service

Pad2Pad frequently manufactures and assembles prototypes and large production runs of PCB’s for businesses large and small.

For low quantity orders, components are manually soldered by our professional PCB assemblers. For high-volume assembly, we use automated pick-and-place machines that position parts and use wave soldering or reflow ovens to assemble boards.

Need your quote fast? Request a quote or design your boards using Pad2Pad’s free PCB layout software for instant pricing.


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