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    All-in-One PCB Service

    Pad2Pad Is Your One-Stop PCB Service

    Using different vendors for software, design, fabrication and assembly can be a hassle. That’s why Pad2Pad offers them all!

    Our one-stop PCB service streamlines your efforts and turns your idea into fully-assembled PCB’s. Forget about phone tag with multiple vendors or incompatible software and manufacturers. We provide FREE PCB layout software, design services, custom fabrication and assembly for government entities, businesses, hobbyists, and students.


    We wouldn’t be a true one-stop PCB supplier if we didn’t give you the tools you need to design.

    Pad2Pad’s FREE PCB layout software allows you to design custom PCB’s of any size. The software includes powerful features like layout rules verification, auto-routing, export to DXF, component assembly options, and built-in pricing. Design your board, get your quote and place your order, all from the software. 

    Layout & Design Service

    If you don’t have the skills or time to design your circuit board, our PCB layout experts will design your board quickly and cost effectively from either Gerber files or a schematic.

    Let us do the busy work!


    Pad2Pad has fabricated countless circuit boards for large and small businesses, DIY tinkerers, students, engineers, and more.

    We produce orders of any size. From one-off test boards and low-volume PCB prototyping to high-volume production PCB’s for industrial use, Pad2Pad is your one-stop PCB service!

    Our build options include boards up to 32 layers, lots of silkscreen and solder masks colors, board thicknesses of up to 6.0mm, different material options, and much more! Check out our full capabilities list.


    After fabricating your custom PCB’s, we can assemble components with thru-hole soldering, SMT, or both.

    We offer consigned, partial turnkey and full turnkey assembly. Take a look at our full PCBA capabilities.

    Pad2Pad streamlines your efforts by providing all of the services you need to turn PCB concepts into fully-assembled circuit boards.

    We ship directly to your home or business. Not in the US? No problem! Pad2Pad ships globally.

    Have questions about any of our services or software? We have FAQ’s pages design, fabrication, and assembly to help you. You can also contact us at any time with additional questions or comments.


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