An object is an element of your design such as a trace, pad, or component footprint. An object property is some aspect of the object, such as it's name, position, dimensions or rotation angle. You can view and edit the properties of an object. For example you might want to view or change the width property of a trace.

alt To view or change object properties:
  1. Select the object.
  2. Review the Property Bar.
  3. If desired enter a new value to change a property.

alt If several objects are selected, the Property Bar will not show values of those properties that differ between selected objects. For example, if you select several pads of different sizes, the property bar will not show the size property.

alt You can edit each property manually - see Property Bar.

alt You can change some object properties via the context menu that appears when the right mouse button is clicked.

alt You can select all objects of the same type as a selected object. For example, to select all pads, right click on one pad and choose "Select | Select all ...".

alt You can select all traces and pads connected to a selected copper layer object. For example, you might want to select all objects electrically connected to U3 pin 7. To select all connected objects, right click on the object and choose "Highlight |  All connected traces and pads".

alt You can select all traces of a net.  To select all traces of a net, select a pin or a trace, right click on the object and choose "Select |  Select all traces of net".