Downloading difficulty or error on installing?

For difficulty downloading try to:

  • Download at a different time of day.!

  • Compare size of downloaded file against size shown on download page.

  • Discuss the problem with your system administrator or Internet service provider.

  • Use a computer of a co-worker or friend

  • Have a friend download and email the file to you

If the download occurs instantly:

  • Choose View | Refresh and try again.

  • Choose Tools | Internet Options | Delete Files and try again.

  • Wait a day for your service provider to update its cache and try again.

  • Ask your network administrator or service provider how to bypass the cache and get the actual file that is on our web site.

For difficulty installing:

  • Download again.

  • Install on another computer to insure that there are no problems on your primary computer.

This site is hosted by one of the largest web site hosting services. If you can't connect or can't complete a download, the problem is more likely at your end or a general Internet slowdown.

Windows 10 displaying issues

In case of problems with display after updating to Windows 10 please try the following:
  • Upgade your video card driver to the latest version.
  • Right click on the pad2pad shortcut, select 'properties', then select the 'Compatibility' tab, and in the 'settings' group, check the 'Reduced color mode' checkbox.