You can place text onto your circuit board. For example, you might want to label a resistor "R1". Text can go on a copper or silk screen layer.

alt To place text:
  1. On the left toolbar select the Text tool or press the T key.
  2. On the Property Bar select the Layer where your text is to appear. When placing text on a copper layer (which can save the cost of silk screening) it is recommended to unmask the text for best visibility. To do this draw a rectangle on the corresponding solder mask layer or copy the same text onto the solder mask layer.
  3. Click at the desired location for text. The text editor dialog box appears:

  4. Enter the desired text; specify the style parameters; and click OK.
  5. Text appears at location you selected previously.
  6. Move the text if needed.

Note The lock button toggles the lock mode on/off. When the lock mode is ON, the proportion between the font size and the line width is kept automatically.

Note Line width should  be at least 0.007" to insure readability.