You can add filled or outline circles to your circuit board layout. For example, you might draw circular mounting holes or create a round board.

alt To draw a circle:
  1. On the left toolbar select the Circle tool or press the O key.
  2. Click at the desired center of the circle.
  3. Specify the radius by moving the mouse.
  4. Click to end.

When the Circle tool is selected or when a circular object on the board is selected, use the Property Bar to specify the style, width, layer, location and diameter.

There are two circle styles: filled and outline. On the Board Layer, use solid fill for holes; use outline to specify a round board.

Hole diameter is only determined by the circle diameter, the line width does not have effect, so it's recommended to select a narrow width (0.01") to avoid any confusion. Holes made with the Circle tool are NPTH. If you want PTH holes, use the Multi-layer pad tool.