alt To draw a plated through slot:

  1. Use the trace tool on the board layer to draw the contour of your slot. The slot width should not be below 1mm (0.039")
  2. Put multilayer pads at each end of the slot:
  3. Use the polygon tool  to draw copper bands on the top and bottom layers so the slot gets completely surrounded with copper on the both top and bottom sides of your board:
  4. Use the polygon tool to draw rectangels on the top and bottom unMask layers so the slot is clear of solder mask to allow soldering:
alt To draw a square plated-through hole:
  1. Basically follow the slot instruction except put multilayer pads at each corner of the hole. The multilayer pad hole diameter should not be below 1mm (the min fillet radius is 0.5mm)pth square hole

alt Ignore analyzer board outline intersect/overlap warnings relating to the slot.