Multi layer pad

Multi-layer pads are circular or rectangular copper areas that appear on both sides* of the board and include a hole. Multi layer pads are usually used for thru-hole components such as resistors with wire leads. You can place multi layer pads anywhere in your design.

alt To place a multi layer pad:
  1. On the left toolbar select the Multi-layer pad tool.
  2. On the property bar change settings as needed.
  3. Move the mouse cursor to the desired location(s) and left click.
  4. Right click if no additional copies of the pad are to be placed.

Multi layer pads are plated thru* to electrically connect one layer of the pad to another layer of the pad. For example, on a two-sided circuit board a multi-layer pad will be plated thru to connect the top layer of the pad to the bottom layer of the pad. The hole diameter specified on the property bar is equal to the finished plated hole diameter.

 * alt When 1-layer board is selected, multi layer pads are not plated through and only have copper on one side.