Before placing your order:

  • Check your circuit:
    All connections in your schematic are present.
    Inappropriate connections are not made including short-circuits.
    Review the Edit Nets Dialog.
  • On the silk screen layer check that:
    Component orientation markings are clear and match markings on devices. 
    Diode cathodes are on the pad next to the silk screen dot or line.
    DIP IC pin 1 is near the silk screen semi-circle.
    Quad IC pin 1 is near the silk screen beveled corner.
  • Resolve Job | Analyze errors.
  • Review Job | Settings.
  • Review all fields of Job | Parts List.
  • View each layer separately and all together.
  • Check copper footprints are sized right for components.
  • Check that copper footprints for SMT devices are longer than leads to allow inspection of solder joint.
  • For integrated heat sinks check unmask layer.
  • Export your layout to DXF to verify alignment if you plan to make a custom enclosure at eMachineShop.

If you are requesting assembly by Pad2Pad:

  • Check that each component complies with Pad2Pad assembly capabilities - only complying components will be assembled.
  • If you choose to supply components to Pad2Pad: please supply overage per the table below; and mark each set of components with the appropriate designator (R1, U1, etc.).
  • You must advise us of any components that require non-standard soldering temperatures or durations. Soldering methods may include hand soldering with a soldering iron or automated assembly with solder paste and a reflow oven.
  • You must advise us if you require accurate alignment tighter than 0.025". Additional fees may apply. 
  • The address to ship components to and instructions will be shown by the software upon ordering.

It is also recommended to check that:

  • Edge gaps between copper and board edge are at least .020" for V-scoring or .060" for tab-routing or .010" for Individual routing.
  • Four layer boards - select View | layers... Set checkmark next to "1st inner" and "2nd inner" to open a four-layer view and see  the inner layers.  Use the Window menu to select the original view or just close the layers dialog.

No checklist is 100% complete and must not be taken as a substitute for careful work.

Once you have thoroughly checked your design, you are ready for ordering.

Upon receiving your boards it is strongly recommended to:

  • Test or at least visually inspect the bare boards (four layer boards must be electrically tested).
  • Assemble and test one board before assembling all boards.
  • Test a board alone prior to placing the board into a system.

Assembly overage table

When supplying parts to Pad2Pad for assembly, please provide these approximate overages.

Cost of component >
V Qty of boards
$.01 - $.10 $.11 - $.99 $1.00 +
1-33 4 2 1
34-99 6 4 2
100-333 10 6 4
334-999 15 8 6
1,000-9,999 2% 1.5% 1%