Although we encourage you to create your own PCB designs in our free CAD software, we also offer a PCB design service. We will design your circuit board and send you the finished file for review. You can then order boards whenever you need to. You can even have us assemble your boards with components.


All we need from you is a circuit diagram and list of components. Your list of components should look something like this:

R1 - 123-4567ND - 1K resistor
U7 - 111-222 - Motor driver

Include any special notes (e.g. "Make sure U7 is in the center of the board.")

The cost is usually $95 + $1 per pin. We will get your approval of any change in the price before proceeding. You will be charged when the design is submitted to you. For any needed modifications to the design beyond corrections we will also provide a cost before proceeding.

To use our design services place your order.

The customer assumes full responsibility for checking designs and engineering/manufacturing advice we provide in terms of correctness, dimensions, safety, applicability, etc. When ordering PCBs based on a design that we have developed or based on our advice, you agree to accept circuit boards manufactured in accordance with the design and accept other responsibilities under the same conditions as if you made the design.