Using the free Pad2Pad layout software and auto-trace router is easy.

Step 1: Draw board shape and place pads and footprints.

Draw the board shape. Place pads and footprints for components.


Step 2: (Optional) Set up electrical nets.

Import nets from your circuit design software or use the Logical Connection tool to connect the pads graphically. Or edit electrical nets in a separate dialog. Nets are recommended but you can simply draw traces if you prefer.

Set Circuit Connections

Step 3: Route your board using the easy-to-use design software.

Place connecting traces manually or use the auto-router. Logical connection lines disappear as you create real connections so it's hard to make a mistake. When you need to change a layout the logical connections will guide you effortlessly.

Use the circuit trace tool to build traces

Step 4: Choose the Check-Board command.

The built-in PCB expert will alert you to most errors (short-circuits, missing connections, etc.) to minimize mistakes.

The PCB Expert checks for errors

Step 5: Review pricing and place your order.

Fill in your address and payment. Review the pricing options. And give the command to place your order. Your custom boards will be fabricated and shipped to you.

Instantly order PCB's online

PCB design and layout was never this streamlined, cost-effective, and enjoyable.