When will you make the change I requested?

Although we appreciate requests for new capabilities, we don't publish and often don't know when or if a change will be incorporated. This is because we have to prioritize a large database of customer reports and suggestions and cannot implement everything. We do not offer commitments as to whether a specific change will be made. If there is a change that you feel you need now we encourage you to find a way to work with our current capabilities and ask for your patience. We do expend significant effort prioritizing the requests of our customers and encourage you to watch our web site for news.

Do you plan to add ability X?

We do not publish our feature plans. However we do keep a large database of customer requests and we carefully review the database periodically.

How can I make a suggestion?

We are very interested in your suggestions. We understand that the features and capabilities you want added can be very important to you. The best way to make suggestions is here. We do listen and implement many customer suggestions.

Why did you remove or change a feature in an upgrade?

We try hard to make all upgrades do everything prior versions did and with the same commands. We know how difficult it can feel to relearn a command. However, occasionally we remove or change a command. Generally we make these changes to align with strong conventions of other products. If everyone in the world uses F2 for edit and we were using it for something else, we'll probably change it in an upgrade making it easier to learn and use other products along with ours. Also, sometimes we move rarely-used commands to a less visible part of the interface to keep menus simple.

What software version do I have?

Choose Help | About from the program menu.

Can I cancel my order?

Once your order is placed, we immediately start processing your order. You can cancel an order but will be charged for work done to date.