Quick Turn Basic PCB's

Quick Turn PCB Prototyping Service


Use Pad2Pad’s Quick Turn service for bare-bones prototype PCB’s, typically shipped the next business day.

This service includes hole drilling, routing any board shape, and isolation routing (only enough copper is removed to electrically isolate traces and pads). This option does not include silkscreen, solder mask or thru plating of holes.

Our prototype boards are ideal for rapid product development, pre-production design verification, and quick engineering projects.


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FeatureQuick Turn Basic PCB's
Number of Layers 2
Order Quantity 1-10
Board Type Rigid
Board Shape Any (rectangular, round, slots, cutouts, complex, custom)
Board Material FR1
Board Cutting Routing
Board Thickness .062"
Copper Weight 1.0 oz
Solder Mask N/A
Solder Mask Color N/A
Silkscreen N/A
Silkscreen Color N/A
Silkscreen Minimum Line Width N/A
Maximum Board Dimensions 4" x 5"
Minimum Trace 0.01"
Minimum Gap 0.01"
Drill Sizes Any
Minimum Drill Hole Diameter .032"
Plating Options Tin
Surface Finish N/A
Board Thickness Tolerance N/A
Board Outline and Internal Cutouts Tolerance ± 0.003"
Copper Weight Tolerance N/A
Minimal Slot Width N/A
V-score Depth N/A
Minimum Annular Ring .016"
Plated Through Holes No
Supported Formats Gerber X2
Gerber RS-274X
Turn-around Time Ship Next Business Day 
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Design Tips for Milled PCB Prototypes

Here are a few tips to design boards for this service:

  • Route traces to the bottom side of any through-hole components unless you can solder both sides of those holes
  • Minimize the number of vias
  • Connect vias by threading a long wire through all vias on the board, then solder and snip

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