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PCB Manufacturing FAQs

PCB Manufacturing FAQ

Q: How long has Pad2Pad offered PCB fabrication services?

A: Since 2004, we’ve manufactured PCB’s for large and small businesses, hobbyists, and students.

Q: What is PCB fabrication?

A: PCB fabrication is the mechanical process of creating your bare circuit board. After using Pad2Pad’s software, another PCB design program or one of our specialists to customize your circuit board layout, we use our PCB manufacturing equipment to bring your design to life!

Q: What makes Pad2Pad better than other PCB fab houses?

A: That’s just it – we aren’t just a fab house! Pad2Pad is the all-in-one provider that you can use for everything PCB-related. We provide free design software, fabricate your boards, perform full assembly in-house and ship your PCB’s via UPS.

Forget about using different companies for design, fabrication, assembly, and even parts procurement. We are your one-stop shop for creating custom circuit boards.

No games, no gimmicks, no stress.

Q: What PCB fabrication capabilities does Pad2Pad have?

A: For build options and fabrication capabilities, take a look at the chart on our PCB Fabrication Services page

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of units for a fabrication order?

A: No minimum, no maximum. We deliver quality PCB’s no matter how many you need.

Q: What is PCB prototyping?

A: A PCB prototype is generally one board or a small batch of boards for a new design. Pad2Pad’s basic prototyping service allows you to create a few inexpensive boards to test your design without placing a full order.

Q: Do you assemble PCB’s?

A: Yes! We offer full assembly services and even maintain a list of stocked components in our software so you can view our inventory in real-time.

Q: Which third-party file formats do you support?

A: Pad2Pad supports Gerber X2 and Extended Gerber RS-274X. You can place Gerber orders on our website.

Q: Do you offer Quickturn PCB’s?

The fastest option is our milled PCB service, where bare prototype boards are manufactured and shipped next business day from our Mahwah, NJ facility.

You can also request a 4-day quick turn when placing your order in our software. Select Job | Settings | Advanced Settings. Indicate that you want to request a 4-day turn time.

If you’d like to request a 4-day quick-turn with a Gerber file, go to our instant quote web page. Choose Design Data Format | Gerber RS-274X | Place Gerber order. Request a 4-day turn in the comments box.

Q: What testing procedures does P2P use on my ordered PCB’s?

A: We use sample continuity testing for bare prototype PCB’s, flying-probe testing for batched PCB’s, and fixture testing for standard production runs.

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