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    Low-Cost PCB Prototypes

    Low-Volume PCB Prototyping Service

    Low-volume prototyping gives you an affordable alternative to expensive PCB manufacturing. If you need just a few PCB prototypes or want to test a new PCB-based solution, our prototyping service is for you.

    Through limited features, the PCB prototyping service keeps manufacturing costs budget-friendly. Our prototypes are flying-probe electrically tested to ensure quality. Choose from rigid, flex, or rigid-flex PCB’s in FR4 epoxy glass; single or double sided; V-score cutting; ANY drill size and more.

    FeatureLow-Cost Prototype PCB’s
    Number of Layers 2
    Order Quantity No Limit
    Board Type Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex
    Board Shape Any (rectangular, round, slots, cutouts, complex, custom)
    Board Material FR4 epoxy glass
    Board Cutting V-score, tab-routed
    Board Thickness .062 mm
    Copper Weight 1.0 oz
    Solder Mask 2 sides
    Solder Mask Color Green
    Silkscreen Top side only
    Silkscreen Color White
    Silkscreen Minimum Line Width .006 in
    Maximum Board Dimensions 5 in x 7 in 
    Total area up to 105 square in
    Minimum Trace 0.006 in
    Minimum Gap 0.006 in
    Drill Sizes Any
    Minimum Drill Hole Diameter .010 in
    Plating Options HASL
    Surface Finish HASL
    Board Thickness Tolerance ±10%
    Board Outline and Internal Cutouts Tolerance ± 0.005 in
    Copper Weight Tolerance ±10% oz
    Minimal Slot Width .02 in for plated thru-hole (PTH)
    0.03 in for non PTH
    V-score Depth Single board only
    Pad Size/Annual ring Pad size should be at least + 0.012 in. over finished hole size.
    Plated Through Holes Yes
    Supported Formats Gerber X2
    Gerber RS-274X
    Turn-around Time 10-18 days  
    Electrical Testing Flying probe
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    Use our low cost PCB prototyping service to:

    • Save money
    • Identify possible design flaws before committing to a large order
    • Verify Pad2Pad’s production abilities

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