The Property Bar displays information about the currently selected tool or object(s).

PCB Layout Property Bar

With the property bar you can modify selected object(s). For example, you can move a selected object by setting its X and Y fields on the property bar.

alt To modify one or more objects:
  1. Select the object(s).
  2. Enter the desired values on the property bar.

alt Numeric fields allow to enter a simple arithmetic expressin. Also you can specify untis of measure for a  value/expression you enter: mm for millimeters, " or in for inches, and mil for 1/1000 of inch.

altIf a single object is selected, the Property Bar shows the parameters of that object. If multiple objects are selected, the Property Bar shows only the parameters common to the selected objects. If the values of these parameters are different for any of the selected objects, the parameters will show as empty (however, you can enter values into such blank fields to set the values of all the selected objects).

The property bar also allows to specify settings of a selected tool. For example you can set the default trace width for the trace tool.

alt To modify the behavior of a tool:
  1. Click in a blank area of the workspace so that no object is selected.
  2. Select the tool to modify (for example, the Trace tool).
  3. Enter the desired value on the property bar. This value will apply on the next use of the tool.