A group of objects are several objects in your circuit layout that are linked together so as to behave like a single object when selected, dragged, or put onto the clipboard. All objects such as component footprints, pads, traces, 2D shapes, and text, can be grouped. For example, you might group several pads, a mounting hole, and a special shape to create a custom footprint or you might group a section of your layout to provide a convenient way to make several copies.

alt To group several objects:
  1. Select the objects to group.
  2. Choose Edit | Group or Make Footprint.
  3. Indicate whether to make a group or make a footprint. It is generally recommended to use the footprint choice when the group corresponds to a footprint since the footprint option includes the device in the parts list, allows for naming (e.g. R1, C1, etc), etc.
  4. Click OK.

To change the insertion (reference) point position, select the group or footprint, click button (it's next to the coordinate fields) on the property bar, and enter the coordinates to move the insertion point to.

You can ungroup a group to split the group into it's components. For example you would need to ungroup the pads of a component prior to making a change to the footprint layout.

alt To ungroup several grouped objects:
  1. Select the group or footprint.
  2. Choose Edit | Ungroup.