A grid is an array of points spaced evenly horizontally and vertically. Grids make it easier to align objects for a uniform, professional layout. For example, you might want to place several pads precisely 0.1" apart.

There are two types of grids:

  • The Visible Grid is displayed on the workspace as a series of dots (0.1" spacing by default).
  • The Snap Grid usually has a smaller spacing than the Visible Grid and serves to automatically align objects when Snap to Grid mode is turned on.
alt To change grid settings:
  1. Choose Edit | Preferences | Grids.
  • Show Grid toggles grid visibility.
  • Snap to Grid toggles on/off snapping to grid. You can also control this setting from the status bar.
  • Spacing defines the distance between grid points.
  • Grid Style defines the appearance of the visible grid.
  • Grid Color specifies grid color.
  • Presets allows you to save multiple grid options.

You can also use multiple grids.