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    Design the perfect PCB’s for your project or business.

    We launched Pad2Pad’s circuit design software over a decade ago, and as one user puts it, “The application is just brilliant, very intuitive and easy to learn, and the final product is exactly what you see on the screen.”

    Our free software beats other paid applications head-to-head because ours is easy to use and includes powerful features such as a design-rules checker, auto-routing, and a stocked-components library.

    Explore our Software Features

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    FREE but Powerful!

    That’s right! Often, free PCB design software lacks important functions. Pad2Pad gives you powerful tools like auto-routing, a component library, and mechanical data export.

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    Instant Quote for Fabrication and Assembly

    Our software can quote your PCB design in seconds! You can also upload your Gerber files directly for instant pricing.

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    Built-in Ordering

    Our goal is to get your boards into your hands in as few steps as possible. After receiving a price quote, place your order directly in the software!

    Other features include:

    • Custom and predefined footprints
    • Layout rules verification
    • Full control of PCB views and layers
    • Automated ground-plane wizard
    • Logical connections (nets) via dialog or GUI
    • Component assembly
    • Auto-generate nets from traces
    • And so much more!

    How to design AND order your PCB’s with Pad2Pad

    Pad2Pad is the free PCB layout software connected to a REAL circuit board manufacturer – you never need to use multiple vendors to design, fabricate, and assemble your PCB’s. From design to assembly to ordering your boards, you do everything directly in the software!

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    Step 1: Design your board base

    Draw the desired board shape. Place pads and footprints for the components.

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    Step 2: (Optional) Set up electrical nets

    Import nets from your circuit design software or use our Logical Connection tool to graphically connect the pads. Alternatively, edit electrical nets in a separate dialog. We recommend nets, but you can also draw traces.

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    Step 3: Route your board

    Manually place connecting traces or use the auto-router. Logical connection lines disappear as you create real connections to prevent possible errors. When you need to change a layout, the logical connections tool will effortlessly guide you.

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    Step 4: Choose the Check-Board (F8) command

    The built-in design-rules checker will alert you of most layout errors (short-circuits, missing connections, etc.) to minimize mistakes.

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    Step 5: See pricing and place your order

    Simply fill in your information, review the pricing options, and place your order. We will manufacture your custom PCB’s and ship them to you.

    Visit our help menu or video guide for assistance with specific software functions.

    Want us to design your PCB for you? With our professional design service, we can design your PCB’s from a detailed components list and either a schematic drawing or a Gerber file.


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