A Bill of Materials is a list of components needed to assemble a printed circuit board. You can specify a bill of materials in the pad2pad software for your own benefit or to communicate with an assembler or to have Pad2Pad assemble your board.

alt To specify a Bill of Materials:
  1. Name the footprints in your design using the Property bar.
  2. Choose Job | Parts List (BOM).
  3. Next to the listed footprint names fill in the empty grid fields. The Comments field can be used for special assembly notes (e.g. use of low temperature solder, how leads should be bent, etc.). You can copy a table with multiple parts from a third-party application (such as Microsoft Excel) and paste them into the BOM with the Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut - the order of columns in the input data must correspond to the BOM table in Pad2Pad.
  4. You can also add additional entries in the blank row at the bottom of the grid.
  5. Click the Print button to print your BOM for your assembly vendor.

Items that appear with Yes in the Assemble column indicate PCB component assembly.

For items that are secondary to a component, such as an associated socket, you can add the item to the BOM. If you are having Pad2Pad do assembly of that item, please select "Yes" in the "Assemble" column and put any assembly instructions into the "Comments" field.