You can design boards simply by placing footprints, pads and traces, however taking a little extra time to create circuit nets can save countless hours later.

Nets indicate which pads should be connected to each other without specifying the specific path of traces. Net's are like a plan to visit certain cities on a trip without specifying which roads to travel. It is highly recommended to create Nets because nets:

  • save hours of debugging
  • reduce errors
  • help you optimize the board layout
  • simplify routing traces
  • allow use of the Auto Router
  • let you check your board for errors automatically
  • make it far easier to later change your layout

Pad2Pad provides three ways to create and edit nets:

  1. Using the Logical Connections (best if you generally work directly with a PCB layout instead of doing a circuit diagram first).
  2. Manually, using the Edit Nets Dialog.
  3. Via the Import Netlist capability.