A netlist is a set of nets, usually created by a circuit layout design program. You can import netlists from the following industry-standard formats:

  • OrCAD;
  • Protel (also supported by TinyCAD);
  • Eagle (also supported by TinyCAD);
  • EDIF (supported by popular CAD applications, such as P-CAD and OrCAD);
  • PDIF (supported by popular CAD applications, such as P-CAD and OrCAD).

For example, you might have a circuit design in Eagle and want to create a PCB in Pad2Pad.

alt To import a netlist from one of the above formats to Pad2Pad:
  1. Select the Footprint tool.
  2. Place all footprints. For custom footprints, use single layer pads or multi layer pads to place separate pads and group them.
  3. Ensure corresponding components match between your design and the schematic that generated the netlist.
  4. Choose Nets | Import Netlist...  A dialog appears.
  5. From "Files of type:" select the netlist format to import.
  6. Browse for the netlist file to import; click Open.  The Import Netlist dialog appears.
  7. Check correctness of the import. Components and pins in the imported netlist ("Original Netlist") column should correspond to component footprints and their corresponding pads in your design ("Pad2Pad Design") column. You can reassign the corresponding components and pads, if necessary.
  8. Click OK to complete the import.
  9. Choose Nets | Edit Nets... or use the Property Bar to review or edit the resulting nets.
  10. Typically you will then create traces via the Auto Router or manually. But first select View | Layers and enable the Net layer.