A footprint is a copper area on a circuit board to which a component (e.g. resistor, capacitor, integrated circuit) is soldered. For example a 16 pin SOIC footprint has two rows of eight rectangular pads. Footprints include the copper layout, layout of solder mask, silk screen, mounting holes if applicable and pin attributes.

The footprint library is a set of predefined common footprints and custom footprints that you can create. You can view the footprint library to make a selection. For example, you might look for a 16 pin SOIC footprint in the library.

alt To view the Component Library:
  1. In the left toolbar select the Footprint/Component tool. A dialog appears.
  2. Find the desired footprint or component. Use the keyboard arrow keys to browse though the library.
  3. Click on a footprint or component to get a preview image.

alt Custom footprints are stored under the My Footprints branch of the footprint tree.

The Pad2Pad footprint library contains a variety of entries including:

  • SIP (single-in-line package);
  • SOJ (single outline J-bent package)
  • DIP (dual-in-line package);
  • SOP (small outline package);
  • QFP (quad flat package);
  • LCC (leadless chip carrier);
  • BGA (ball grid array);
  • many others.
alt Examples:



DIP16 package

SOP24 package





QFP44 package

LCC44 package