PCB Manufacturing FAQs

Q: How long has Pad2Pad offered PCB fabrication services?
A: Pad2Pad has been shipping quality circuit boards since 2004.
Q: What is PCB fabrication?
A: PCB fabrication is the mechanical and chemical process of creating your bare circuit board.
Q: What manufacturing capabilities does Pad2Pad have?
A: For board features and fabrication capabilities, take a look at our PCB Fabrication Services page.
Q: Is there a minimum order?
A: We deliver quality PCB’s no matter how many you need.
Q: What is a PCB prototype?
A: PCB prototype is generally one board or a small order of boards intended to test a new design before committing to volume production.
Q: Do you assemble PCB’s?
A: Yes. We offer full assembly services and even include a list of stocked components in our design software so you can view our inventory in real-time.
Q: Which third-party file formats do you support?
A: Pad2Pad supports Gerber X2, Extended Gerber RS-274X and DipTrace files. You can place orders using our Instant Quote page.
Q: Do you offer quick turn?
Yes. If you need boards fast, see our 5-day quick turn service.
Q: What electrical testing procedures does Pad2Pad use?
A: We use both flying probe and fixture testing.
Have a question about our circuit board assembly services? Have a question on PCB fabrication that we didn’t address above? Just ask!