Printed circuit board assembly is the process of soldering components onto a circuit board. You can direct Pad2Pad to assemble components onto your board to save yourself or your company time and effort.

Two methods of selecting components are offered:

  1. Components are selected from those stocked at the Pad2Pad factory.
  2. Components are supplied by you.
To select a stocked component for assembly:
  1. Choose the Footprint / Component tool to display the footprint and component manager dialog.
  2. Select the Components tab to show the list of stock components.
  3. Choose a component and click Place On Board.
To view your parts list:
  1. Choose Job | Parts List to see the parts list (BOM).
  2. Yes in the Assemble column indicates components for assembly.
  3. The Unit price includes the cost of the component without assembly.
To turn off  assembling of a component:
  1. Select the component.
  2. On the property bar uncheck the Assembly checkbox..
To direct Pad2pad to assemble a non-stock component that you will supply:
  1. Place footprints and components on your board
  2. Choose Job | Parts List to see the parts list (BOM).
  3. For each component footprint to be assembled, select Yes in the Assemble column and fill the Part ID, Description and Unit Price columns.
  4. Click Close.
To see total assembly pricing:
  1. Choose Board | Price.
  2. Check the Include parts and assembly... checkbox.

Note: We welcome suggestions for what to add to the stock component list. If you want to suggest a new general purpose device, please contact us with the device number and why you feel the device is suitable for the stock list.

See the checklist for additional information on assembly.